Friday, September 21, 2012

Twin Earth, Zombies, Chinese Rooms, etc.

Here are some useful links for some of the topics I mentioned en passent in the discussion of Chalmers:

Twin-Earth Thought Experiments at the ever useful Field Guide to Philosophy of Mind site.

For a fuller discussion of semantic externalism,  I especially like the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy article Narrow Mental Content

Here is the paper by Chalmers and Andy Clark, The Extended Mind that I mentioned. Also at Chalmers site there's a link to the Philosophical Zombies site.

Here is Searle's Chinese Room paper, a.k.a. "Minds, Brains and Programs" and here's a powerpoint I made of it.

"Brains in a Vat," is the earlier article by Hillary Putnam I mentioned.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Ballad of George Berkeley

To be sung to the tune of "Oh, Susannah!"

Oh I come from Albuquerque
And know no philosophy
But I'm gonna study Berkeley:
Learn that esse's percipi

Oh George Berkeley
Oh don't get pissed at me
For I come from Albuquerque
And and know no philosophy

Oh I thought we all had feet and hands
Tables, chairs and beds
And I thought that things were "out there"
And ideas in our heads.


I thought my brain was in my head
But now, alas, I find
My head is in my brain instead
And both are in my mind.


Further verses invited ;-)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Links fixed!

OK, all the links for powerpoints are now alive. I hadn't put up some of the powerpoints because I was still working on them. And please note, I keep working on powerpoints and sometimes making changes. If I make changes however, I'll put up revised versions so if the powerpoint you take down doesn't look quite like the one you see in class, don't worry,